What goes on if I don’t have a Motor Insurance for my car?

For each and every 2 Dubai Residents, there's one car. In line with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Vehicle Density of 540 cars per 1,000 folks Dubai may be the highest in the Region and in fact one of many highest in the World.

This may come as a no shocking information because of the sharp increase in Population and variety of cars being doubled in the last 8 years.
With all these increase in population and quantity of cars, with an average everybody takes nearly 1 hour and 45 minutes to commute back and forth from work each day. In this traffic-prone environment as this, that is certainly not preferable to travel without Insuring your Car.

“Because even though we drive very cautiously we don't know the way the one else on the road wind up driving”.

This shows why it is always safe for each new driver to insure the car before it is far too late because even the famous proverb informs us that, “Prevention is better than cure”. Generally there's 2 kinds of Motor Insurance; Comprehensive and 3rd party.
The excellent Car insurance policy in Dubai, covers the motive force and yet another cars in the event of an accident and the 3rd party covers the opposite party as well as the passenger alone. However in alternative party Insurance, in the event of a major accident, the one who 's for that unfortunate incident needs to buy all of the damage inflicted to his or her own vehicle.

“Prevention is always a lot better than cure”

Many Dealerships produce promotions where they guarantee a free of charge Insurance with the purchase of a new car especially during the times of Ramadan. Usually these Dealers come up with the 3rd party insurance scheme which might 't be quite effective. You'd are accountable to all of them with a damaged door claiming for that Insurance to pay for this matter however the provider might tell, “Sorry, this Insurance Scheme does not cover the problem”. For this reason you'll have to read all of the scheme related documents from promotions carefully.

“The question for you is not whether you possess a Auto insurance or otherwise not, it is what type of Auto insurance you have”

Auto insurance plan in Dubai but the question we would like one to ask yourself is, The automobile Insurance which has been opted may be the best one for me or not.
Whenever you accidently come across another car resulting in a damage to both the cars and when the passenger is hurt, and also you had enrolled in a Comprehensive Motor insurance Scheme, it may need proper care of all of the expenses and allow you to lead a pleasing and happy life putting you back on track however if you simply hadn’t, then you will have to pay for the expenses from hospital to property damage out of your own pocket.
If you believe all of the Insurance coverage in Dubai are the same, Omega may come as a shock using the Invisible difference in claim services and from providing the most cost effective for the additional benefits we've everything covered within our Insurance Scheme at Omega.At Omega Insurance, we know that cars aren't only a medium used for Transport but a great deal of research, money, serious amounts of emotion switches into buying “that right car” to suit your needs of course, if tips over to it, it isn't just a home damage but we all know it's even more than that.
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